Convening for
Positive Change

Who We Are

At Collaborise, we help turn your toughest challenges into opportunities

Your dedicated Collaborise coach will be instrumental in gathering key stakeholders to join the discussion, will help identify a strategy and implement key projects or processes to create positive change for your organization and community.

Our convening service is powered by Quality Health Network (QHN), an award-winning whole health information exchange with 20 years of experience bringing communities together to solve tough data issues. Using our own RISE Methodology—a proven process that effectively solves collaborative/ community issues and creates a long-term plan for sustained success— we’ll help you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently by engaging hospitals, clinicians, non-profit community-based organizations, elected officials, business owners, and those who want to make a difference in a specific community issue.

What We Do

We help you find solutions to whole health issues

Social Issues

Medical Issues

Behavioral Issues


Convening Positive Change

Our convening service helps you get the right players to the table. We can invite clinicians, community-based organizations and non-profits, elected officials, business owners, and those who are experiencing the community issue directly to the table to help create a high-functioning, person-centered collaborative. 

We can:

  • Create tailored framework/ strategies
  • Enhance data collection and analysis
  • Create formal governance
  • Create a Road Map for sustained success

We can also be brought in for a very concise reason to help you move your collaboration forward to solve an issue in your community.

We will gather thought leaders, facilitate meaningful discussions, and guide you to develop and execute strategies to flourish.

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